This That & The Other

With a loose, edgy style, you’ll hear plenty of band banter and see lots crowd participation. TTO strives to create a fun, party atmosphere for almost any occasion. But don’t be fooled by their easy going attitude. TTO’s years of experience have helped to establish them as one of the most professional acts in the area. This, That & the Other, This, That and the Other or this that and the other….however you want to say it, this Louisville, KY based rock and pop band stands as one of the premier entertainment acts in the Region. Most folks just call this always fun and always entertaining band “TTO”.

If you enjoyed listening to the samples from This That & The Other, consider them for your next event.

A little history…

The origins of TTO go all the way back to 1987 when high school pals Tommy Atlas and Ian McEneaney formed TTO. Rob Miles fronted the band, Tommy played guitar, Ian drums and John Davis played bass. They were…… terrible!

The bottom line is this...

In 1991, the groundwork for today’s TTO began to take shape. Jeff Burnett took over on drums and TTO became a power trio. They dabbled with some original material, and had a few friends sit in to play some selected shows, but basically just messed around a bit. Then, in 1994, Tevis Steere came on board to front the band. John Wise also joined at that time then was later followed by Glenn Taylor taking over duties on lead guitar. Seemingly overnight, TTO hit on a sound and style which has consistently made them one of the top draws in the area.

The bottom line is this…

TTO plays everything, except Hall and Oates, but they will play that if you pay them enough money. They have opened for the likes of Hootie and the Blowfish, The Kentucky Headhunters and the Rolling Stones (okay maybe not the Stones). See them in Louisville at Dutch’s Tavern, Incredible Dave’s, Gerstle’s, various parties, weddings, charity balls, outdoor events and, if you’re lucky, at ramp QQ in Freedom Hall during halftimes of UofL basketball games. If you haven’t seen TTO play then, well, you haven’t seen them play.

This That & The Other

TTO is viewed as one of the premier entertainment acts in area. They love doing what they do and they want you to have a good time too!


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