The Embers

embersFor decades The Embers have been making music by playing a mix of rhythm and blues and heart and soul.
Rhythm and Blues became the foundation and essence of SOUL music and the Motown sound, but in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida and Alabama, the name that applies is “Beach Music.” Some believe that Beach Music is simply lyrics that are easy to sing with simple melodies and pretty harmonies that accompany them. Bobby Tomlinson, drummer and leader of the band, believes that Beach Music is music with a memory.

To say “The Embers play Beach Music” is an understatement.

After eighteen albums and numerous single releases, THE EMBERS are one of the most popular and active groups in the country. THE EMBERS boast an average of two hundred fifty dates per year all ranging from Toronto to Florida and westward to California, Hawaii and most recently South Korea. Over the years they’ve played for presidents and princes, students and bankers, at the beach and in the city, on record and in concert, for our armed forces and audiences all around the world.

A musical marvel, the EMBERS have survived disco, punk, new wave, and hip-hop and continue to take the stage as one of the most entertaining bands ever to perform. Named North Carolina’s Official Musical Ambassadors, they were inducted into the South Carolina Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame. They’ve opened for the Rolling Stones, done commercials for Budweiser, performed for the Olympics, President Clinton’s inaugurational ball and created the soundtrack for endless summers. THE EMBERS were involved in a video commercial for the Sands Hotel in Atlantic City where their captivating premier performance resulted in a return engagement for a sold out New Year’s Eve show. Pepsi released a commercial performed by The Embers to the title tune Beach Music from their Beach Music, Super Collaboration Album. In December of 2007 and 2008, The Embers were invited to perform their Christmas program for our troops and their families at various military camps and bases throughout South Korea.

The EMBERS Beach Music, Super Collaboration (2004) is an album of internationally known recording artists that has received international critical acclaim.

This album evokes the best of memories and emotions for anyone who has been touched by the magic of Beach Music and introduces newcomers to the same passion that has made these enchanting melodies one of the greatest music phenomena of all time. Their most recent album, The Show Must Go On was released in early 2008 and was produced by Charles Wallert (George Benson, O.C. Smith, The Main Ingredient, Dionne Warwick, etc.) with compositions by Wallert, (“Brenda”) and multi-Grammy nominee Jimmy George (“I’ll Always Love You”, “Just To See Her”) and the Steals Brothers (“Could It Be I’m Falling In Love”), among others. The first single release, “The Last Time I’m Saying Goodbye”, from the album The Show Must Go On, debuted at number 4 on the UK’s Soulwalking charts.

THE EMBERS of today consist of: Bobby Tomlinson (Leader/Drummer), Wayne Free (Lead Vocalist/Trombone), Stephen Pachuta (Trumpet), David Dixon (Guitar), John Ray (Bass) Matt Kosma (Saxophone), and Rick Sanders (Piano). THE EMBERS are truly one of the finest entertainment experiences of our lifetime.

If you’ve seen their show once, you’ve undoubtedly come back for more.


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